O2 Refresh tariff gives you anytime smartphone upgrades

11 Apr 2013


The 'free' handset has become a cornerstone of the UK mobile industry, with smartphones provided for no upfront cost by network operators alongside with lengthy and expensive contracts. Now, with its O2 Refresh tarriff, O2 are looking to make these contracts more transparent.

We all know that the monthly cost of a two-year smartphone contract covers both the cost of the calls, texts and data, and the expenisve hardware that they handed over at the outset. The big question has been, how those amounts are split.

The O2 Refresh tariff looks to be a more transparent take on this, with the initial contract split into a Phone Plan and an Airtime Plan. For example, you might pay £20-a-month for a HTC One handset over a two-year contract and then £17-a-month for a generous unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data plan.

At any time you can pay off the Phone Plan of the contract, sell or give away the handset to a friend and get a new handset - either from O2 or SIM free from elsewhere. The Airtime Plan keeps on rolling though, but any remaining months on that contract are waived once its decoupled from the Phone Plan, and you can cancel the Airtime plan with 30 days notice, or switch it over to a different plan if required.

It's not a huge deal, but it's good to see a certain amount of transparency in these contracts and a simple buy out clause being offered for early upgraders.

It will be available from O2 from April the 16th, with all the latest handsets supported.


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