Galaxy S4: retailers draft in extra staff as orders taken for new Samsung smartphone

22 Mar 2013


Retailers have drafted in extra staff to cope with the rush of orders for Samsung’s recently unveiled new smartphone, the Galaxy S4.


The new phone, boasting eye-scrolling technology that can tell when you have read to the bottom of the screen, was well received and the first customers in the UK are due receive their handsets at the end of April



Since the device was unveiled, we’ve seen an extremely high level of consumer interest – with tens of thousands of people registering their details with us,” Paul Jevons of EE said.


Most people, however, will buy the phone under contract, which – if they want the handset free up-front – will see them paying roughly £41 per month over two years.



A design fault with handset cases is estimated to have lost Samsung two million sales.

The new Galaxy S4 features a touchscreen that detects when a user's finger is hovering over the screen to display additional preview information, as well as technology that automatically pauses videos if a user looks away from the screen.

It also includes new features that monitor a user's well-being. Accessories for the phone will include scales and a heart-rate monitor from Samsung as well as a blood pressure and blood sugar monitor from other companies




The ability to pre-order the handset only went live a few hours ago, and yet we’re already seeing strong demand through each of our retail channels. As a result we would like to reassure those wanting to place their order for a Galaxy S4 on 4GEE, that additional staffing resource has been taken on to cope with demand over the Easter weekend.”

Samsung is understood to be anticipating sales of the new Galaxy S4 smartphone to be as high as 10 million handsets per month.

Last year Samsung was hit with supply problems that harmed initial sales of the Galaxy S3.


Although the S4 is an improvement on the S3, rather than a total reinvention, it also features a faster, eight-core processor for some markets and a substantially larger battery in a package that is overall slightly smaller than the previous model. A 5in screen is included, offering a market-leading pixels-per-inch.


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